TL Safety Ltd can provide UKATA accredited asbestos awareness training either as e-learning or classroom taught. Our e-learning courses are £30+Vat per person and you can complete the course and download your certificate within a few hours.
Our classroom taught courses are a 1/2 day course and can be delivered at local training venues around the Northwest, at a location close to your workplace or we can deliver it at your worksite.

Get in touch for a quotation for a classroom taught course.
Tel: 01204 227002 or visit our website at tlsafety.co.uk

The documents below are the attachments for our July 2016 Newsletter
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The following relate to COSHH advice for Managers in various industries our Clients work in
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TL Safety Ltd can assist organisations such as fabricators, profilers, drilling and cutting organisations and those whose processes can affect the properties of structural steelwork to achieve BS EN 1090 / CE Marking. We will prepare your factory production control (FPC) manual and if you carry out welding processes assist you to put your welding procedures in place. We will assist you with obtaining quotations from UKAS certification bodies who will certify your FPC and Welding Management System and we will prepare you for your certification audit. We can arrange Responsible Welding Co-ordinator courses for up to Execution Class 2 or provide an RWC for up to Execution Class 4. TL Safety can carry out internal audits of your existing systems or carry out audits of your new FPC to ensure you are ready for CE Marking certification. We provide services throughout the whole of the UK and can provide services throughout Europe or further afield. Get in touch now and avoid action from trading standards. If you are not CE Compliant or working towards it and you fall in scope then you are trading illegally. Contact TL Safety Ltd NOW on 01204 227002 or visit our website at tlsafety.co.uk
TL Safety Ltd help Contractors throughout the UK gain CHAS certification. We can prepare your health and safety policy and arrangements, method statements and risk assessments and help you to gain CHAS. We assist Principal Contractors, Principal Designers, Contractors and Designers as well as other organisations. Contact us on 01204 227002 or via our website at tlsafety.co.uk
TL Safety Ltd are based in Bolton but work throughout the whole of the UK. We prepare ISO and OHSAS management systems to meet UKAS certifications. We can prepare your documentation to meet the relevant standard or update your existing systems to meet the 2015 standard. We provide internal audits and gap analysis.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 27001
OHSAS 18001
Update existing systems to the 2015 standard
Gap analysis
Internal audits

Contact TL Safety on 01204 227002
TL Safety Ltd are based in Bolton but work throughout the whole of the UK. We provide CE Marking consultancy services for assisting organisations to achieve BS EN 1090 CE Marking. We also provide consultancy services for CE Marking of machinery. Contact us on 01204 227002 to discuss your requirements.
TL Safety Ltd offer a wide range of welding engineering consultancy services both in the UK and overseas.

  • Services of an International Welding Engineer
  • Provision of general welding engineering services to a range of industry sectors (including Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Rail and Construction)
  • Provision of sub-contract Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC) services in line with the requirements of EN 1090-2 (up to and incl. EXC4)
  • Development / implementation of ISO 3834 Welding Quality Management systems
  • Development / implementation of EN 1090-1 compliant Factory Production Control (FPC) systems
  • On-site RWC and Welding Technology training
  • Training on the visual inspection of welds
  • Development / production of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPSs)
  • Client / fabricator representation at project launch meetings
  • Welding surveillance activities at Contractor's Works
  • Assessment of ISO 3834 Welding Quality Management Systems
  • Development of Inspection and Test Plans
  • Development / implementation of repair and refurbishment procedures
  • Invigilation of Welding Procedure and Welder Qualification testing to a range of international standards (e.g. EN ISO 15614-1, ASME IX, AWS D1.1, ISO 9606)
  • Production of all supporting Welding Procedure and Welder Qualification test certification in line with the required standards.
  • BS EN 1090 / CE Marking of Fabricated Structural Steelwork
Contact us on 01204 227002 for further information or a quotation or email us on info@tlsafety.co.uk


TL Safety have been appointed by Conamar Building Services to assist with construction safety for a new £12 Million pound development of a distribution centre and offices for MBDA missiles on the Cutacre site in Bolton. The construction project started in January 2015 and is expected to last for 46 weeks whilst the shell and core is constructed. The interior fit out is likely to last for a further 12 weeks. TL Safety will provide construction safety support to the construction team and will have a presence on site advising on the site set up, reviewing the risk assessments and method statements of the various contractors involved in the build. TL Safety will carry out the site inspections and site audits and generally assist Conamar to deliver this prestigious contract safety.

The new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM Regs) come into force on 6 April 2015 and apply to all building and construction projects, regardless of the size, duration and nature of the work. Contact TL Safety Limited on 07749 838367 or 01204 227002 to assist with updating your procedures and for construction advice and support. TL Safety are CHAS and SMAS accredited CDMc's and Health and Safety Consultants and can be found at tlsafety.co.uk

The main changes, outlined in general by the Health & Safety Executive, are as follows:

  • Principal designer. The replacement of CDM co-ordinator (under CDM 2007) by principal designer. This means that the responsibility for  coordination of the pre-construction phase – which is crucial to the management of any successful construction project – will rest with an existing member of the design team. 
  • Client. The new Regulations recognise the influence and importance of the client as the head of the supply chain and as the party best placed to set standards throughout a project 
  • Competence. By splitting ‘competence’ into its component parts of skills, knowledge, training and experience, and  - if they are an organisation - organisational capability, provides clarity for the industry to assess and demonstrate that construction project teams have the right attributes to deliver a healthy and safe project. 
  • The technical standards set out in Part 4 remain essentially unchanged from CDM 2007 and HSE’s targeting and enforcement policy, as a proportionate and modern regulator, also remains unchanged.
The Regulatory package The new proposed Regulations and supporting guidance are all in draft form before they come into force and may be subject to changes. They offer duty holders the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the main requirements before they come into force and consist of:

Industry guidance has been produced for the five dutyholders under CDM and one for workers, that set out, in practical terms, what actions are required of them to deliver a safe and healthy construction project. These have been written by the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) with small businesses in mind.

The draft six documents are available for download below:

  • Industry guidance for Clients
  • Industry guidance for Principal Designers
  • Industry guidance for Designers
  • Industry guidance for Principal Contractors
  • Industry guidance for Contractors
  • Industry guidance for Workers
How does this affect construction companies? Construction companies will have to comply with the revised CDM Regs from Monday 6 April 2015.

Employers will need to provide information, instruction, training and supervision, with workers having their training needs assessed against the needs of the job and employers to meet the gap in skills and knowledge through appropriate training.

Written construction phase plans will be required for all construction projects (including domestic client work) and a principal designer and principal contractor appointed when there is more than one contractor on a project.

The full responsibilities of each key duty-holder, as defined by the regulations, are explained in the Industry Guidance documents.

What does it mean for domestic clients – homeowners? For the first time, the new CDM Regs will apply to domestic client projects, although client duties will normally be transferred to the contractor or principal contractor, or if the client wishes to make a specific appointment, the designer.

All building and renovation work shown in property development programmes will be covered by the revised CDM Regs.

Main Transitional Arrangements

When CDM 2015 comes into force on 6 April 2015, there will be a transitional period that will run for six months from 6 April 2015 to 6 October 2015.

For projects starting before 6 April 2015, where the construction phase has not yet started and the client has not yet appointed a CDM co-ordinator, the client must appoint a principal designer as soon as it is practicable.

CDM Regulations 2015 (Draft L153)
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CDM 2015 for Clients
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CDM 2015 for Principal Designers
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CDM 2015 for Designers
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CDM 2015 for Principal Contractors
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CDM 2015 for Contractors
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CDM 2015 for Workers
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